Wednesday, November 12, 2008

8 different things

TV shows
1. Everybody loves Raymond
2. So you think you can dance
3. Food unwrapped
4. that cake decorating show that's on cable
5. that "what you should wear" show on cable
6. that "buy the wedding dress" show on cable
7. Gen Conf ha ha guilt on the rest of you for not mentioning this
8. all the dejunking/house selling, remodeling shows on cable.
The thing is, we don't have cable. This is why hotel rooms are so fun. Unlimited cable and junkfood and Kevin

What I did yesterday
1. Woke up at 5:30AM thinking what I always think: "How soon before I can get back in this bed again?"
2. Worked 73 medical billing accts/did not lose temper
3. Read LA Times article on picketing LA Temple & all the comments attached to article. Decided Pro-props & anti-props will never speak the same language and never get each other.
4. Wondered if God was feeling like some Old Testament vengefulness If so, I was looking forward to it. KA-BOOOM
5. Told Arielle to pick up her room
6. Bought 5 loaves of the best Oat Nut bread
7. Drove Arielle to Subway ONLY because it was raining!!
8. Worked on my next SS lesson/banged head against wall, as is normal during early week prep

Looking forward to:
1. Saturday's BSU game
2. my lunch hour every day--its like a mini vacation from work
3. Thanksgiving
4. all weekends with Chanel
5. all weekends with Kevin
6. extracting cash from Aaron after winning yet another annual snow bet
7. reading to Morgan, playing with Morgan
8. sleeping in on Saturdays

Favorite restaurants--forget that. How about favorite food?
1. Focaccia bread
2. all forms of salt & grease wrapped around a potato
3. Cheetos
4. Pringles
5. Salmon
6. Pizza
7. Almond Joys
8. hamburgers cooked on a grill--smokey taste yum

Wish list
1. to move my house to a quiet street
2. to do a combo Disneyworld/cruise vacation with my kids
3. to take a writing class on a regular basis because it forces discipline
4. to be rich
5. to get a new kitten when the 2 elderly ladies die NOT a dog, Kevin
6. to take more vacations with Kevin and explore more interesting places
7. to knock the socks off my boss with awesome productivity so that he.........
8. ......pays me double for only working parttime
9. to see Arielle safely, happily, financially stabilly esconsed in college

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dad's gravestone

It's finally up. I haven't seen it yet, but mom has and she was delighted.

This calls for a field trip.