Sunday, February 6, 2011

I pull a "Morgan"

So I'm walking around the house in my sheepskin slippers, doing my ordinary business, and wondering why my feet hurt.

Lo and behold, when I sit in the Lazy-Boy and put my feet up, the shoes are on the wrong feet.

Now I'm paranoid. I have to check the slippers everytime I wear them. They just don't look that obviously R or L.

Morgan, your grandma takes after you. Who'd have thought? After all these years.......
.......what's going to regress next?

This is like great-grandma Louie Ison. She did her daily housework, went to RS meeting, came home, got ready for bed and realized she'd forgotten to put on her brassiere that morning. ha

My family ward wants me to speak about olden days women and RS. I think her story bears mentioning.