Sunday, May 15, 2011

The wheels on the bus go round & round

Whatever was I worried about? I feel like one of my four life problems has just fallen off the radar. I tell you--bus riding is soothing. Snooze in the AM. Reading the PM.
Interesting characters and famous lookalikes. Thusfar I've sat next to Johnny Depp
(as his Jack Sparrow character) and Stephen King.

I love my new office, my location in the office, the new walk I take both at lunch and after work, the huge windows which allow me to see thunderstorms arriving from the West, the double monitors, and the smoking hot printer which can print, copy, & fax so fast my head spins.

I've lost my bus pass once. (A 30-day pass, used only 8 days) But it miraculously came back the next day.

So I've been all surprised/happy for 2 weeks now and here's the irony. On the day my Nampa office closed, I came home to a phone message from a nurse friend. She works at Midland Care & Rehab where their head medical biller had just walked off the job. #2 biller was promoted, leaving a vacancy. Was I interested? (Let's see--Midland Care is about 2 miles from home. Yes, I am interested.) Then the administrator called me. We set up an interview, but in the meantime I started work in Boise and found I liked it. I tell you, there is nothing so sweet as a fact finding interview when you're not desperate. Bottom line: We are not exactly perfect for each other, but if they want to make an offer, I'm willing to compare apples to apples (salary/paid time off) and make a decision. Another week has passed. They haven't called back I am happy with that too. I mentioned I could give them a list of a dozen other women more suited to the job. Whatever happens, everybody wins. Then I dropped my bus pass in the administrator's office, though I didn't know it until the next day.

Anyway, the past year and half of job fretting and stewing is gone and good riddance to it. Actually I feel really blessed to be able to keep my job, my great boss, and the new corporation chose a building site 1/2 block from the bus stop on this side of Boise, which allows me to get to work by 7:30. If they had chosen anywhere else..........I guess I'd be begging for that care center job.

ha ha The care center had a black labrador lolling on the black leather couch in the admin's office. I was told "if the dog licks your hand, you get the job." He didn't.

------change of subject-----
Chanel treated Kevin & I to "Wicked." WOWOWOWOWOWO!!!!! I told her I have to go again watch it from backstage. The stagecraft was as fascinating as the story.


angela said...

Jana, I thought you had a triangle of problems instead a quadrant. Anyway I'm glad one is gone. Next thing you'll know, you will have a bus family. Keep us posted.How wonderful to have another job offer. Makes you feel good, wanted valued.

Lora Dawn said...

Whew! Terrific that your wheelie season has pleasure in it for you. So glad to hear that.

And it doesn't surprise me that you are in demand. Everytime I have a linear task---I wish I had your brain beside me, too!

A*Waite said...

What a wonderful feeling to enjoy your job and commute! Awesome.

jwilson said...

This is such good news, Jana. What a relied for you.

nesquik405 said...

Told ya so.

angela said...

I"ve heard good things about Wicked. Have any of the rest of you seen Wicked?

nesquik405 said...

On Broadway. Jim, fresh home from his mission, insisted on staying home and working. He told his boss, the bishop, that his family "had gone to some show about wickedness."