Sunday, August 11, 2013

Grandpa's van rumbles forth

Though the tires still had plenty of tread, it was ancient rubber. Aaron had supposed he would replace all tires on the reunion weekend, but he never got around to it. Hence Sunday afternoon he rumbled out of Nampa,about 2PMish with 100-degree temp, no A/C, into the desert with ancient and untested tires. (insert prayers here) He called from Burley. OK so far. About 10PM we got word via text from Chanel that one tire had shredded near Tremonton. We called him. "Don't worry mom & dad. I put on the spare." (equally ancient, equally iffy, and a different size from the blown tire) "I plan to drive about 45 mph on the shoulder and I have several friends between here and Taylorsville who I can call for help if I need it." Phone call from Taylorsville @ 1:30AM. "I'm home." Can you imagine....12 hours in that thing? At least I can check if off my list of things to worry about. PS. Three weeks ago Aaron, his kids, and us took the van for a picnic. This is when Aaron discovered in the little kitchenette cupboard that grandma had left it fully stocked with paper plates, cups, napkins, an old tablecloth, and a tub of unmatched silverware. Isn't that just like her--to leave things neatly prepared for the next outing? Believe me, the paper patterns were all vintage. You can't buy stuff like that nowdays.

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angela said...

Love your post and the details about Grandma's Van storage. Glad Aaron made it home safely. It did my heart good to see both vehicles at the reunion.