Thursday, August 8, 2013

In honor of Uncle Richards and my shared birthdays: a cat story

Dashaway, our 19-yr-old cat, had become arthritic, incontinent, bony, toothless, mangy and banned to the garage. (For the incontinence) Kevin & I were at an impasse. I wanted euthanasia. He wanted resurrection via vet bills, meds, lab tests, etc. Money was spent and diagnosis obtained. The vet said bad thyroid requiring weekly lab tests to regulate. For our efforts Dashaway might regain her weight, but vet gave no guarantee for curing the incontinence. Kevin wanted to proceed. He felt sinful about euthanasia. I presented him with a handful of human medical bills, which I didn't know (at the time) how I would pay. I guess he saw which should be the higher priority because he agreed to euthanasia if I promised to never, never, never have another cat the rest of my life. This is a hard promise for a cat-lover, but I made my deal the with Devil and Dashaway went to Heaven. This brings me to Aaron & Chanel. Weeks later they were hanging out in the SLC Disney store when they spied the fat, plush Lucifer from Cinderella. They slapped high fives and chortled,"Mom has got to have this cat!" Oh, I laughed when Chanel brought it home! Lucifer sits on my bed with his permanent sneer, resembling the anti-social Dashaway perfectly, only fatter and not opposed to a good belly-rubbing. I think he will satisfy my latent cat-loving as the years go by. Wilson kids, do me a favor and go buy a cat for your father.


Lora Dawn said...

ha ha....not nearly as fun as giving him the real deal.....or fur

Martha said...

Hahahahaha! Awesome!

angela said...

Jana, did I read this right. You are the proud owner of a stuffed Lucifer Cat. I can't believe you agreed to that deal with the devil.
I'm such a cat lover too that FAt Cat Sasha sits on my bed. She still sheds, doesn't make messes,is available for loving, no vet bills.

nesquik405 said...

Yes, that would be a hard promise. I never intend to make it.

BTW, one of my friends spent a day sewing panties for her incontinent doggie. Still, once they're toothless and mangy, I think it's time to say good-bye.

jwilson said...

Cat lovers vs. non cat lovers. We should have polled the family to see which side rules. Me--I'm on the fence, but I don't want one.
Good story, Jana.